In a time where so many people are frustrated with our federal government, city government is the closest and easiest to be reached. We face increased scrutiny and that is as it should be. It takes thick skin and a strong back to ensure everyone has a voice. Political ideology must be set aside as members of the council debate and come to agreement. Henry Clay said, “Politics is not about ideological purity or moral self-righteousness. It is about governing, and if a politician cannot compromise he cannot govern effectively.” I continually strive to follow this instruction in my work on the council. We live in a community of diverse opinion and while it takes effort to find consensus, it is possible with the right mindset. I have worked diligently to deliver civility in our local politics. The opposing opinion should never be labeled evil just because we don’t agree. The bottom line is that good people can disagree and still be good people.

Thank you for allowing me to serve these past five years. I have endeavored to be worthy of the faith you have placed in me as I have worked with other strong council members and the mayor in governing our good city.

Please take the time to be informed about all of the candidates running for Pocatello City Council seats 1, 2, and 3. And don’t forget early voting begins October 19th through 30th and election day is November 3rd.